Hi! My name is Geoff, a Miami—based senior academic writer, technical writer, and training expert.  
Me medium

Looking for an academic or technical writer? You’ve come to the right place.

This website allows me to showcase my technical and academic writing experience, and helps you learn a little about me. 

I think you will find that I am an ambitious and well-rounded guy who enjoys collaboration, diversity, and creativity.

Experience and Achievement

For over 15 years, I have been producing and publishing exceptional academic and technical documentation.  I have several articles published by academic and corporate organizations. I wrote columns for The Kodály Envoy and General Music Today (GMT) and worked as Co-Editor for the Gender and Research in Music Education (GRIME). Some notable live articles appear on The Huffington Post, FluentU, General Music Today, Texas Homeschool Coalition Association, along with others that were ghostwritten.

In 2016, I won EssayLancers Academic Essay Writing Competition and recognized for my excellence in academic writing. 

I have Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Music Education with Technology and Developmental Psychology minors from the University of Arizona. I taught university for seven years and earned tenure and promotion in three years.

Let’s discuss the project and your ideas. Send me an email at geoffrey@greytechwriter.net to start the conversation. 

Powerpoint Design and Presentation Tips

  • Use short bullet points with high impact
  • Include high-resolution iconic (the real objects) and analytic (symbolic representations of concepts or states) images
  • Use transitions consistently
  • Use animation and color sparingly for highest impact 
  • Do not read the text verbatim. Use bullet points as talking points
  • Rehearse your presentation several times before presenting to an audience
  • Cite original authors for all borrowed content
  • Give handouts at the end of your presentation. The audience will not be with you if given out before your presentation (the rustling of papers is distracting to both the presenter and audience)

These 8 tips I created from personal experience. They also provide an example of technical writing. All use active voice Technical writing avoids passive voice (to illustrate,

Active voice: Use color sparingly. 

Passive voice: Color should be used sparingly.


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